Coin Locker Lock MK302
Coin Locker Lock MK302
Short Description
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China Coin Locker Lock Manufacturer: Shiny Chrome Coin Locker Lock, Material Stainless Steel, Workable For Different Coins, Free Or Charge Type.

Key Specifications / Features

Name: MK302 Coin Operated Locker Lock

• Material: stainless steel. 
• Finished: shiny chrome, nickel plated. 
• Key combination: user key and manage key. 

1. Stainless steel material anti-drill, anti-pry, anti-rust. 
2. Two lock cylinders. 
-User key made by laser, which can't be copied to improve security in public use. 
-Manage key replace user cylinder easily when user key missing. 
3. Coin lock load and unload into the locker by manage key. 
4. Both coin free or coin charge available. 
5. Coin lock workable for different country coin. 

Locker, metal cabinet, boxes, storage etc.

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