Stainless Steel Alarm Padlock MK617-1
Stainless Steel Alarm Padlock MK617-1
Short Description
 Model No.: MK617-1    Hits: 1570
China Stainless Steel Alarm Padlock Manufacturer: Stainless Steel Alarm Padlocks, Activated or Unactivated Alarm System, Total Corrosion Resistance.

Key Specifications / Features

Name: MK617-1 Stainless Steel Alarm Padlock. 

• Material: stainless steel. 
• Key combination: over 10,000. 

1. An extremely strong lock body and piercing alarm offers a remarkably effective way to protect your vehicles. 
2. Alarm system can be activated or unactivated. 
3. Total corrosion resistance. 
4. Top security mechanism with high quality material. 
5. Replacable module with extra battery life. 

Ware house, metal/wooden cabinet, electrical equipment, server, vehicle, boat, automobile, box, kiosk, train, locker, etc.

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