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Here are some of Make Locks Case Studies.
  • Smart Vending Machine Locks - Make Your Machines More Intelligent and Secure
    Posted: 09/06/2021 07:09:26  Hits: 114
    "One-click on your mobile phone, in one second the unlocking can be achieved. No more rotations of the key, you can check the equipment status at any time, querying any related usage records."   The mechanical technician from Y Company said, while managing and maintaining the vendin...
  • MAKE Tubular Tongue Lock
    Posted: 04/29/2021 05:49:21  Hits: 91
    MAKE Tubular Tongue Lock Help European and American Self-storage Services to Be Safer and More Convenient     Customer profile E Company is a well-known self-service storage center in Europe and America, which is dedicated to providing customers with tailor-made storage solutions...
  • 4 Digit Combination Locks to Improve the Quality of Lockers
    Posted: 10/29/2020 09:29:52  Hits: 255
    Modern home customization is more and more popular. As a well-known home service provider, a certain brand provides household products such as wardrobes and cabinets to the world. Also, it provides house customization. In the market of lockers used in public places, how does the brand keep u...
  • Make Patented Cam Locks to Protect the Launderette
    Posted: 09/07/2020 11:53:33  Hits: 244
    As one of the world's large manufacturers of household appliances, a brand serves over one billion domestic consumers worldwide. Its business covers hundreds of countries and regions. It provides a complete set of solutions for smart home appliances, refrigerators...
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