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Stainless Steel Cam Lock MK120-7B

Stainless Steel Cam Lock MK120-7B

China Stainless Steel Cam Lock Manufacturer: SS Cam Locks, Stainless Steel, shiny chrome, nickel plated., Customer-oriented Development Available.

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Name: MK120-7B Special Cam Lock.

  • Material: stainless steel, brass.
  • Finished: shiny chrome, nickel plated.
  • Key combination: over 10,000.

1. Top security key system, four type of key selection.
2. Durable material anti rust and water proof.
3. Special cam.
4. Convenient to handle.
5. Customer-oriented development available.

Terminal equipment, electronic/metal/wooden cabinet, pay phone, underground strobe, ATM, enclosure, stander, kiosk, vending/game machine, safety box, locker, letter box, postal box, coffer, AD showcase, coin-op, vehicle, mail box & tools box, furniture etc.

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