What Are the Advantages of A Four-digit Password Combination Cam Lock?

What Are the Advantages of A Four-digit Password Combination Cam Lock?

A four-digit password lock is a common type of combination cam lock that offers the convenience of keyless entry and does not require external power sources or batteries. Compared to smart electronic locks, four-digit password locks are typically more economical and can be a wise choice within a limited budget.

So, what are the advantages of a four-digit password combination cam lock? Let's take a look through the example of the MAKE MK716 Lock.

The MK716 Lock is a four-digit password lock crafted by MAKE using high-quality zinc alloy material. It boasts a stylish and minimalist appearance thanks to special processes such as powder coating and painting.

The MK716 Lock can be used on various materials such as metal cabinets, wooden cabinets, and plastic cabinets with panel thickness ranging from 0.6 to 20mm. Its versatility enhances the aesthetics and sophistication of cabinets. Moreover, the zinc alloy material is resistant to wear, moisture, and corrosion, ensuring a long service life. It is a high-quality four-digit password lock that excels both in functionality and appearance.

One major highlight of the MK716 Lock is password leak prevention, no worries about forgetting to lock. The MK716 Lock comes with a one-key reset function, where after unlocking, all password wheels automatically reset to zero. This effectively prevents password leakage without requiring users to deliberately scramble the code. By focusing on details, the MK716 Lock enhances the security of mechanical password lock usage and improves the user experience.

The MK716 Lock also comes equipped with an emergency universal key. In case users forget the password, they can use the emergency universal key for immediate access. Additionally, the universal key facilitates quick retrieval of the combination to reset the password, significantly enhancing management efficiency and user experience. In case of loss of the universal key, the lock core can be replaced. The combination of multiple quick unlocking methods ensures both security and convenience without any concerns.