Cam Locks

Cam lock As a professional cam lock manufacturer & supplier in China, Make Locks focuses on the development, design and production of cam locks, and has a variety of high-security and high-quality patented cam locks: M1, M2, M3 and M4. These cam locks are made from high-quality zinc alloy and manufactured with high-precision stamping technology (the locks are made with exquisite workmanship). They not only pass the C-level certification of the Ministry of Public Security, but also obtain Patent in China, United States and Germany.

The cam lock is ideally suited for a wide range of smart equipment terminals, financial equipment terminals, electromechanical equipment, cabinets, subway gates, kiosks, game consoles, lockers, mailboxes and other equipment that can be seen everywhere in daily life.

MAKE® offers a complete solutions of various cam lock sizes and functions to meet your needs.