Passive Electronic Lock

Passive Electronic Lock

Our passive electronic lock is programmable and easy to access.  It has three levels of keys, master keys, manager keys, and user keys. The master key enables the manager key to pair many locks and limits the user key to only match one specific lock. This is our patented lock as we have developed our own high-tech locking system "MAKE Cloud" to present all the operations and identification for the operator.


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Passive Electronic Lock

: the lock body of a passive electronic lock is not electric, it is mainly powered by a key without wiring. Internal equipped with passive electronic lock core that has encryption chip built-in. When unlocking the lock, the electronic key will reverse the power supply, and complete the permission identification and decoding unlock. In the process of use, it does not need the traditional key, which solves the problem of easy to forget, easy to throw, and electronic lock charging endurance.

Product Formation

Passive electronic lock: on the basis of maintaining the original function of the mechanical lock, an electronic chip with a memory function is installed to record the basic information of the lock and control the operation of the electronic lock.

Smart key: a handheld device that stores the electronic lock information and operation permission information. It consists of electronic contacts, memory chips, circuit boards, batteries, etc. Realize the operation of the electronic locks. Automatically record the operation information and operation time of the electronic lock.

Management system: customer file management, daily work management, intelligent lock management, statistical analysis management, system function management, etc.

Application Environment

Vending machines, intelligent terminals, financial terminals, express delivery cabinets, etc.


1. Controlled Access: keys are electronically programmed to open only specific locks.

2. Accountability: record every event.

3. Eliminate Costly Rekeying: no need to change the lock when the key is lost or the employee is dismissed.

4. Electronic Scheduling: offer temporary access authorization.

5. No Wiring Required: all power is provided by the key.