Laptop Locks

Laptop Locks

Laptop lock usually refers to a cable lock with a special T-bar that could be inserted into a standard slot in a laptop reserved by the laptop manufacturer. Cables are very strong, generally made of stainless steel thread, and coated with PVC. Implement locking by anchoring the cable to a steady object. Attach the T-bar to the laptop lock's standard slot, then rotate the T-bar 90 degrees by turning the keys. That is to say, attach the laptop to one object through the intermediary named laptop lock.

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Laptop Locks

Definition: the notebook lock is also called the laptop lock, which is a security product that physically prevents laptops from being stolen.

The Structure of Laptop Lock: the laptop lock can be generally divided into cable, lock (password or key), T-type lock, and key (for key lock). By locking the phase with the lock hole on the equipment, the physical anti-theft of the equipment is realized.

Classification of Laptop Locks
Laptop locks can be distinguished according to the following criteria:
  • According to the type of the lock head: key lock, password lock
  • According to the lock object: Notebook locks, desktop locks (can be used to lock desktop computers and other devices with standard keyholes)
  • Unlock methods: password unlock, key unlock
  • Key system: tubular key, abloy key
  • According to the customer's use mode: standard lock, custom lock (Custom lock: customized products by customers, can provide "multiple locks, one key", "multiple locks, multiple keys", "one on one plus a public key" solutions, which provide customers with more free space in managing their equipment)  

Lockset Purchasing
According to the user's habits, the use of the password lock is very convenient, the customer does not have to worry about the loss of the key. And with the wave wheel password, it can be unlocked. According to the user's use scenario security, we provide two options: the abloy key system and the tubular key system. Generally speaking, the abloy key is more secure than the tubular key.