Lock Barrels

Lock Barrels

Lock BarrelA lock barrel, also called lock cylinder, is the inner component of a lock that contains the tumblers and accepts the key. It is typically a cylindrical or tubular part of the lock that contains the tumblers, pins, or other mechanisms that control the locking and unlocking of the device.

When the correct key is inserted into the barrel, it aligns the tumblers, allowing the barrel to rotate freely and unlock the mechanism. Lock barrels are found in various
types of locks, including door locks, padlocks, and many other locking devices.


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Key Features of Lock Barrels

1. Cylindrical Design: Barrel locks have a distinctive cylindrical shape, providing several advantages, including increased security and resistance to picking.
2. Security: Barrel locks are known for their high-security features and resistance to picking due to their unique design. The cylindrical shape and specialized keyway make them challenging to manipulate without the correct key.
3. Versatile Applications: Barrel locks are used in various applications such as door locks, bike locks, vending machines, gaming machines, providing security for a wide range of items and equipment.

The Lock Barrel Types

Lock barrels come in various types, including:
1. Pin Tumbler Lock Cylinders: Commonly found in door locks, padlocks, and many other types of locks. They rely on pins that need to be lifted to the correct height for the lock to open.
2. Wafer Lock Cylinders: Used in some automotive locks and low-security applications, wafer locks have flat, spring-loaded wafers that must be aligned to open the lock.
3. Tubular Lock Cylinders: Commonly found in vending machines, bicycle locks, and certain types of coin-operated locks. They have pins arranged in a circular pattern.
4. Disc Detainer Lock Cylinders: Often used in high-security locks, especially in padlocks, disc detainer locks use rotating discs instead of pins or wafers.

More about Lock Barrels

Application: Lock cylinder is mainly used in vending machines, adult vending machines, self-service beverage machines, game consoles, ATM machines, and other equipments.
Classification: The lock cylinders of MAKE include wafer tumblers, disc tumblers, and pin tumblers, made of durable, anti-rust, and waterproof materials. The size can be adjusted and customization is available.
Material: The main material of the lock cylinders is zinc alloy, which has a certain oxidation resistance. The key is made of copper. By the surface treatment of bright chromium, the lock core becomes more textured.

MAKE provides a series of lock cylinders to match your requirements.