Push Locks

Push Locks

Push lock with push (pop-up) locking coupling mechanism, is locked by lock pin, and cannot be moved to the open position except by inserting key endways into the keyhole to engage the detent and rotate the lock pin. A variety of lock mechanisms is available, including disc tumbler, pin tumbler, tubular key system, dimple key system, laser key system, etc. Adapt to customers' different security level demands.


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What is a push lock?

Push lock refers to a type of lock that is operated by pushing a button or lever to secure or release the locking mechanism. It is a simple and convenient locking mechanism that does not require a key to operate. The push lock typically consists of a button or lever that, when pushed or pressed, engages or disengages the locking mechanism. When engaged, the lock securely holds the object or device in place, preventing unauthorized access or movement.

What are the applications of push locks?

• Furniture

Push locks are widely used in furniture such as cabinets, drawers, desks, and lockers. They provide a convenient and secure way to lock and unlock furniture doors or compartments.

• Retail and Display Cases

Push locks are utilized in retail environments for securing display cases, glass cabinets, jewelry cases, and product showcases. They help prevent unauthorized access and protect valuable items on display.

• Office Spaces

Push locks are employed in office settings to secure filing cabinets, storage units, and personal lockers. They ensure the confidentiality and security of important documents and personal belongings.

• Automotive Industry

Push locks find applications in the automotive industry, particularly in vehicles' glove compartments, center consoles, and trunk lids. They offer a simple and effective locking mechanism for storing personal items and valuables in cars.

• Public Facilities

Push locks are used in public facilities like restrooms, changing rooms, and gym lockers. They provide privacy and security by allowing individuals to lock these spaces while using them.

What are the classifications of push locks?

the lock is mainly classified by the lock key system. It can be divided into tubular push locks, blade push locks, abloy push locks, etc.

• Tubular Push Lock

The lock core is a tubular structure. The lock surface can be designed with drill-proof steel beads, can be made of 4 marbles and 7 marbles two specifications, and the key tooth flower in more than 10,000, which can effectively prevent lock damage and technical opening.

• Blade Push Lock

The lock core is a blade structure. Blade push lock is widely used and the function of the blade push lock is simple, which offers a smooth unlocking experience and convenient operation.

• Abloy Push Lock

The lock core uses the abloy key system, which is a lock with excellent anti-theft performance. The opening of the lock mainly depends on the key rotation, which is characterized by high anti-theft performance, a large number of dense teeth, an unsprung structure, and long life. Abloy push lock can be used in places with relatively harsh environments and high anti-theft requirements.

What are the characteristics of push locks?

• Less space occupied

the volume of the abloy push lock is relatively small, and only the lock core components are included. The installation occupies less space and will not affect the overall beauty.

• Easy to use

When using the push lock, only a simple press can be locked and opened, which is easy to operate.

• More cost-effective

Push locks are mainly composed of lock shells, lock cores, expansion rods, and other components. It has long service life and it is more cost-effective but the bolt is lacking.


Lockset Purchasing

• Safety level

Due to the different key systems, the push lock has different security levels

• Lock size

Push lock is divided into conventional size, mini push lock, and cylinder press lock, users can choose or customize it according to their own needs.
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