A Detailed Introduction of Child Security Lock

A Detailed Introduction of Child Security Lock

Child security lock is applied to the rear door of the car to prevent the door from being opened during the driving. When this device works, it is still at lock state even you open the electronic central door lock. If you want to open the back door, you can only switch the door outside under the conditions of central controlling lock open.

1. Operation Principles
Child security lock is also called child insurance of the car lock, which is installed in the lock of the car rear door. There is a lever (insurance) under the door lock when opening the rear door, push it to the end with a child icon and close the door, then it cannot be opened inside the car. Its purpose is to prevent some active kids from opening the door during the driving. So they can only wait the adult to open it. If your car cannot be opened inside, it may because the back seat passengers touch the child security lock and you can reset it.

2. Security Tips
For those drivers without child, this kind of lock is a dispensable allocation and easily ignored, while for those who have, it is of the most significance of their children’s life. Many parents put their children on the non-lock front seat or the security lock is not using, which may serious danger to them. Therefore, parents should do some security precautions inside the car for their children, properly use the security lock to prevent accidents.

3. Function
Some drivers think that the safety of the rear-seat children can be guaranteed as long as they lock the central locking or set automatic lock before driving. However, the central lock can be opened by unlock switch inside the car, so it is not perfectly safe. Parents should lock the two of two rear doors to keep children safe. No matter what the child does can he or she open the door when the lock is opened, so you can drive more confidently.

4. Types
There are two common types of this lock: knob-type and prod-type. Because the knob-type child safety lock need to be opened by putting the key (or key shaped object) into the corresponding holes, in contrast, the prod-type child safety lock is more convenient to use. Remember to lock it for child safety and keep checking whether the car central lock is in locking state during driving, in case of the tragedy that the rear children inadvertently open the door. When getting off the car, the adult must get out of the car to open doors himself for children, so as to avoid some safety accidents between the child and cars from behind.

5. Seat Criterion
Constraint System of Vehicle Child Occupant is the first national standard about motor vehicle child safety seat restraints of mandatory of our country. It is said that this standard specifies the constraint system installed on the vehicle and the fixed requirements, the structure of constraints system, and performance requirements and its test methods. The system is a device fixed in a motor vehicle to alleviate the damage caused to children during sudden slowdown or after the vehicle collision. It mainly consists of ribbons with protection buckle or corresponding soft parts, adjusting device, connecting device and auxiliary device (such as portable crib, baby carrying equipment, auxiliary seats, etc.). In the future all the child restraint system in our country will have a unified standard. The appearance of child restraint system standard also shows an important step of children's security protection in our country. Previously, motor vehicle seat belts and constraint system USES is implemented in 2003 Motor Vehicle Adult Occupant Safety Harnesses and Constraint System. In that standard, the child occupant safety requirements have not been taken into consideration.

A detailed Introduction of Child Security Lock