Brass Vending Machine Lock MK213
Brass Vending Machine Lock MK213
Short Description
 Model No.: MK213    Hits: 1862
China Vending Machine Lock Manufaturer: Brass Vending Machine Locks, L Pop-out Handle Operation Convenient, Customer-oriented Development Available.

Key Specifications / Features

Name: MK213 Brass Vending Machine Lock.

  • Material: zinc alloy, brass.
  • Finished: shiny chrome, nickel plated.
  • Key combination: over 50,000.

1. According to different security purpose, there are optional plunger with tubular key, dimple key and disc tumbler system.
2. L Pop-out handle operation convenient.
3. Include 11 pin tumbler plug for added security.
4. Customer-oriented development available.

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