Mini High Safety CAM Lock M4-LOCK

Mini High Safety CAM Lock M4-LOCK

Model No.: M4-LOCK Hits: 575

China Mini Cam Lock Supplier: Mini High Safety Lock, Zinc Alloy or Brass, Shiny Nickel, with 46,000 Key Combination.

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Name: Mini High Safety CAM Lock M4-LOCK

Technical data
Type: Cam lock
Material: Zinc alloy, Brass
Finished: Bright chrome
Key combination: Over 46,000
Application: Automatic selling machine, payment machine, ticket-selling machine, queuing machine, POS machine, ATM and other intelligent terminal equipment. Advertising box, mailbox, case and cabinet, etc.

● Mini cam lock, suitable for small money box.
● A new key system, security and smart.
● Master key system available.
● International patent.

Mounting Dimensions


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