Security Laptop Lock MK814

Security Laptop Lock MK814

Model No.: MK814 Hits: 1106

China Security Laptop Lock Manufacturer: Security Laptop Locks, High Security Disc Lock Mechanism for Pick Resistance, with Strong Nickel Brass Keys.

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Name: MK814 Security Laptop Lock.

1. High security disc lock mechanism for pick resistance.
2. With satin chrome plated, RoHS compliance.
3. With strong nickel brass keys.
4. 3mm coiled cable with PVC coated anchors your computer to a desk or  immovable object.
5. Attaches to 99% of laptops with the standard 3*7mm slot ,stainless steel V lever for superior strength.
6. Easy to install & use in the office or traveling.

Computer, notebook, laptop, ipad, monitor, printer, projector etc.

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