Laser Key Locker Lock MK306

Laser Key Locker Lock MK306

Model No.: MK306 Hits: 1984

China Laser Key Locker Lock Supplier: Laser Key Locker Locks, Zinc Alloy Barrel ,abs Handle, Clip Installation, Used For Locker, Metal Cabinet, etc.

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Name: MK306 Laser Key Locker Lock

Technical data
Item No: MK306
Type: Keylock
Material: Zinc alloy, ABS
Finish: Chrome
Key combination: Over 10,000
Application: Locker, ABS cabinet, metal cabinet, etc. 

● 10 tumblers lock mechanism with laser key.
● Products can be keyed alike and master keyed.
● Available in the custom finish (standard finish is chrome).
● Clockwise or counterclockwise operation key retaining only.

Mounting Dimensions


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