Are smart locks secure?

Are smart locks secure?

The results of intelligent technology in recent years have influenced the trajectory of urban development and gradually penetrated into our daily lives, along with related hot words like "IoT" (Internet of Things), "AI" (Artificial Intelligence), and "unmanned systems". While in the field of commercial and industrial locks, the transformation of traditional mechanical locks has also verified the impact of intelligentizing - The era of smart locks is coming.

Smart electronic locks are not only an advanced, dutiful "security core" of doors and 
lockers, but its beauty, simplicity, elegance are also symbols of trend. What is more, there are a variety of unlocking options available for customers, such as combination locks with physical buttons or touch screen, fingerprint locks, RFID locks, etc., which save people from complexity to a simple, smart, convenient and better life.

Yet the dinky market share and usage data show that smart electronic locks are still lack of something to drag them from most people's shopping carts to checkouts. Many enterprises believe that smart locks must be the future development trend of locks and their coverage will inevitably expand. It can be seen that the large potential market of the smart locks will be a momentum of the industry developing.

So, are smart electronic locks really secure?


The answer is yes. Take RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) locks for an example, this kind of locks have been commercialized since the 1960s, and in recent years, it has earned popularity with its high-security performance supported by the mature technology, as well as the tailwind of LoT.

RFID smart locks provided by MAKE adopt leading-edge technology and the finished products will be thoroughly tested. In terms of materials, structure or encryption key, the security of MAKE RFID smart locks 
is guaranteed. The RFID lock itself has an automatic locking function that will activate three-second after the user stops operating or configuring. Besides, there are various alarm functions for alerting any misuse or dangerous behavior. So there is no way for thieves to break in.


MAKE RFID lock series have high-sensitivity electromagnetic induction, in conjunction with clear beeps, and are able to withstand high and low temperature, humidity, as well as other harsh conditions. Users can be assured of their long service life and wide applications.

Compared with traditional mechanical locks, the most obvious advantage of smart locks is that they are keyless. Fingerprint, passwords or electromagnetic induction is the only entry to open the door. According to relevant national standards, smart electronic locks have to require a physical key even though they don't need one to unlock. In this way, users are able to go out without worrying about losing keys they secretly kept.