China Top 10 Intelligence Lock Brand

China Top 10 Intelligence Lock Brand

In the spirit of “people-oriented science and technology” philosophy, LAADAS makes the high technology in commonly use for people, provide high quality, safe and convenient high-tech smart products for customers, creating a new era of smart live.
Comprehensive Strength: 90 points.
Market Occupancy: 19%.
Capabilities: 90 points.

In virtue of the brand impact of Samsung, Ezon gains certain saleroom in short period. But in the long run, this strategy would sacrifice Samsung’s brand value for being an electronic company, and also it makes influence on Ezon to survive and develop in the fingerprint lock area.
Ezon uses the idea of “ Advanced technology creates quality life”, developing the ingenious touch-screen functionality, automatic sliding function, fire automatic induction function, intrusion detection function, has won the German IF design award, ISO14001 certificate. and so on.
Comprehensive Strength: 99 points.
Market Occupancy: 20%.
Capabilities: 89 points.

Irevo promotes its brand image mainly with the help of Korean institution, broadcasting Korean Numlock for customs, conveying safe, science and technology theory.
Irevo - “I revolutionize the world!”
Comprehensive Strength: 88 points.
Market Occupancy: 16%.
Capabilities: 88 points.

Probuck is definitely the new promising brand, it grows rapidly under the concept of “Olympics - Nest” and “World University Games”, the next step is focus on brand strategy. No strategy planning adjusted to brand development would lead to brand stopping growing.
Comprehensive Strength: 82 points.
Market Occupancy: 12%.
Capabilities: 78 points.

Mul-T-Lock emphasizes the combination of modern fingerprint technology and machinery technology, inventing good anti-theft performance products, using safety anti-theft as concept.
Comprehensive Strength: 78 points.
Market Occupancy: 11%.
Capabilities: 60 points.

A high-tech industry producing intelligence locks that concentrates on mechanical-electrical integration, it is the one of Chinese electronic control lock constitutors and drafters.
Comprehensive Strength: 65 points.
Market Occupancy: 2%.
Capabilities: 61 points.

Adel is regarded as “Lock Professor”, now has changed for “Fingerprint Lock Professor”, plus strong advertising, Adel now has good development momentum. However, in order to create industry chain, the product line extended constantly as well, one day the brand value progress would be influenced.
The most important thing Adel needs to do now is to contract the width of production, be concentrated on the aspect of what they are good at.
Comprehensive Strength: 64 points.
Market Occupancy: 1.2%.
Capabilities: 55 points.

As the pioneer of Intelligence Lock Conception, it caters the growing trend of intelligent home furnishing. However, “Intelligence” notion has been generalizes, it is easy to become a fashion style which is instant to die namely. Level brand needs to be repositioned. 
Comprehensive Strength: 60 points.
Market Occupancy: 0.8%.
Capabilities: 54 points.

Be-Tech security system limited company in Guangdong province was established in 1992, manufacturing and research development intelligence lock for more than 20 years. Be-Tech intelligence lock won the certificate from ANS/BHMA due to its million times of failure-free operation. Relying on more than 20 years experiences and marketing sense, Be-Tech invented high quality and high stability optics fingerprint lock products. Using independent research and development stainless steel AN2 electrical guard against theft tongue, possessed with superior capability, resistance for almost all kinds of breaking from outside, part of tests reached ten times of high standard, operating service life could be million times long.
Comprehensive Strength: 56 points.
Market Occupancy: 0.2%.
Capabilities: 35 points.

OWQ smart home includes: OWQ smart center control system, OWQ intelligent door lock system, OWQ intelligent switch system, OWQ smart household appliances control system, OWQ intelligent monitoring system, OWQ intelligent transportation system, OWQ intelligent warning system, and so on.
Comprehensive Strength: 50 points.
Market Occupancy: 0.6%.
Capabilities: 50 points.

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