MAKE has Successfully Passed the Re-certification of the IPMS

MAKE has Successfully Passed the Re-certification of the IPMS

MAKE Technology has successfully passed the re-certification of the "Intellectual Property Management System", welcoming the first joy of the new year!

This achievement comes amidst a new atmosphere for the New Year, signaling a promising beginning. Despite the year being in its infancy, MAKE Technology is already receiving frequent good news, showcasing its dedication and competence.
The Certification of the Intellectual Property Management System
To further strengthen intellectual property management, standardization and protection capabilities, implement the strategy of enhancing the company's strength through intellectual property rights, and increase the company's core competitiveness, MAKE Technology initially passed the certification of the Intellectual Property Management System at the beginning of 2018 and successfully passed the re-certification at the beginning of 2024.

The certification of the Intellectual Property Management System is a highly regarded qualification at the national level. For enterprises, it plays an indispensable role in enhancing the value of intangible assets, supporting the continuous and healthy development, maintaining the vitality and momentum, and strengthening market competitiveness. 

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In 2023, MAKE Technology initiated the re-certification audit for the Intellectual Property Management System. With the active cooperation of various departments, the company has successfully passed the assessment conducted by the national intellectual property management system standardization review group. This achievement was accomplished through conducting standardization training across relevant departments, drafting system manuals, and ensuring the operational functionality of procedural documents.

Re-certification of the Intellectual Property Management System

The successful re-certification of the Intellectual Property Management System signifies that MAKE Technology has reached a new milestone in the standardization, utilization, and protection of intellectual property.

Recognized as National Intellectual Property Advantageous Enterprise

As an innovative technology enterprise, Xiamen MAKE Security Technology Co., Ltd. places great emphasis on independent innovation and research and development. Currently, it holds 416 authorized patents domestically and internationally (as of December 2023) and 28 software copyrights. With its strong capabilities in technological innovation, the company is recognized as a leading national intellectual property enterprise.

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The re-certification of the Intellectual Property Management System will help MAKE Technology strengthen intellectual property management in various aspects such as research and development, production, procurement, marketing, and personnel management. It will guard against intellectual property risks, enhance the intellectual property awareness of all employees, enhance the company's capabilities in independent research and development and innovation, improve the level of intellectual property management, and further enhance the company's brand image and value, thereby pushing the company's quality management system to a higher level.

In the future, MAKE will strengthen the construction of the intellectual property compliance management system, achieve higher levels of standardized intellectual property management, fulfill intellectual property compliance obligations, guard against intellectual property risks, continuously improve the company's intellectual property management level, and establish a good brand image and market competitiveness!