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Promoting Our Locks Industry from Big to Powerful One
Posted: 09/25/2015 04:05:11  Hits: 614
Since the reform and opening-up of more than 30 years, our hardware industry has achieved constant and rapid development, the production capability and level of manufacture increase, the production and export of product is now among the world's highest. China has become the world recognized hardware production country. Only the lock industry has an annual output value of more than 600 one hundred million Yuan, among which exports accounted for more than half. But compared with developed countries, China's lock industry still has obvious gap in product quality, research and development design ability, independent brand and marketing channel construction, total factor productivity and international competitiveness. We cannot content ourselves with being the factory of the world, and we should learn from world class lock industry standards, put efforts to narrow the gap with them and improve the overall quality of the industry, promoting transformation of lock industry from big to power.
No.1 Improve the quality of products.
Making China locks product quality reach the international first-class level is the basic requirements of becoming powerful locks country. China's lock industry takes a low-cost way to develop, and the consequences are "made in China" lock products become the pronoun of "low-quality low price", thus it is targeted in the low-end market. To change this passive situation, we must abandon the traditional concept that the lock industry is simple labor-intensive industry, set up and promote the consciousness and the concept of precision manufacturing and lean production and the method of fine management and advocating excellence culture. Strictly comply with the internationally advanced level product technical standards organization of production and quality control to ensure that the product functional, security, reliability and durability. Therefore, Chinese locks products will be trusted and recognized by users at home and abroad, so as to become the symbol of "high standard, high quality", and establish Chinese locks a good image quality.
No.2 Develop strong enterprises and famous brands with international influence and competitiveness.
After years of development, China's lock industry has sprung up a group of strong enterprises, but they are lack of international influence and competitiveness, especially that international famous brand has not been formed, which needs to further develop and expand. Leading enterprises should attach importance to strengthen the technology center and laboratory construction, enhance the independent innovation ability, high-end manufacturing ability, marketing ability and brand influence, increase the consciousness of social responsibility and become a international enterprise and brand which can represent China wonderful image and are respected by the world.
No.3 Create a batch of modern industry cluster.
Industrial cluster is one of the features and advantages of China's lock industry, which makes contribution to construction of lock production country, and will also play an important role in the process of power shift. As for the present common development pattern of industrial cluster and that intensive degree is not high status, we should promote the adjustment of industrial structure optimization, transformation and upgrading, and improve the industrial chain, the specialization and division of labor coordination ability, guide the leading enterprises in scale, the brand development and small and medium-sized enterprises take the path of professional, refined, special and new. Implement the strategy of innovation driven development, strengthen the research and development, design, information, training, testing and other public service platform construction, enhance the technological transformation, promote the informatization and industrialization depth fusion, improve the total factor productivity, and give full play to the advantage of cluster and comprehensive competitiveness.
No.4 Improve the ability of integrating global chain of locks production, supply chain and value.
This is the short board of our lock industry which must be supplied and is also an important symbol of measuring locks powers. It is imperative that China's lock industry should break down barriers, increase as soon as possible from industry chain and value chain low-end to high end up. On this basis to further build up our strength, gradually strengthen the leadership, and the power of making product pricing power and technique standards in the lock industry division of labor cooperation, so as to completely change the locks industry position of our country in the global industry.
No.5 Establish a powerful high-quality locks industry worker team.
The key to achieve the transformation from a big locks manufacturer to a powerful one is talents. Therefore, we need to attach great importance to and strengthen the education training, train a large number of management personnel, professional and technical personnel and vocational, technical workers. Establish perfect talent training, use, evaluation and compensation system, so as to facilitate its role in the growth of all kinds of talents, and team stability, better meet the needs of locks industry sustainable development, and lay enough talent base for the construction of lock power.
It is a gradual process to transform from a great production country to a powerful one, which need hard work for a long term. As long as we insist on scientific development, innovation and development, quality development, clear direction, and the path is correct, lock industry development goal in China must be able to achieve.

Promoting Our Locks Industry from Big to Powerful One