Reveal the Secret! Is the Laptop Lock Safe or not?

Reveal the Secret! Is the Laptop Lock Safe or not?

With the rapid development of society today, new electronic products, such as laptops, mobile phones, iPad, are becoming an indispensable part in our life. They are frequently-used in our office and our daily life for their small volume, lightweight and portability, etc.

a notebook computer.

As the notebook PC is becoming smaller and thinner, it is also easier to be stolen. On account of lots of personal data and working data in the computer, which are of value and significance, it is quite troublesome for us to lose them. In this case, there is no doubt that the laptop lock is requisite for the users. 

However, many people believe that the lock of the notebook PC is useless, not safe enough and inconvenient to carry. The reason for that situation is nothing but the following: firstly, in the age of Internet, a large amount of people's study, work, social life are carried out on the Internet and they are seldom apart from their laptops. Therefore, installing a lock is a little bit superfluous. Secondly, the lock structure is simple. One end can be inserted into a lock hole on the side of the notebook computer, and the other end is wrapped around a fixed object such as pillars, railings, chairs. Only just turn the key can users lock their notebooks, so that many a person questions the security of the computer lock for its simple operation. Besides, the lock is generally made of alloy cables, having large volume and weight, so that it is not convenient to carry. Therefore, it is generally not considered to use the laptop lock when a person is going out.
a laptop lock.

On this point, is the laptop lock really good for nothing? What is the fact about its security? We will take MK815-5 (a type of MAKE's laptop locks) as an example to reveal the secret.

Different from other laptop locks, MAKE's combination laptop lock — MK815-5 — is a 4-digit combination lock with high safety factor and that rotates smoothly. And it is easy and fast to install. Users only need to reset the password in four straightforward steps. Its function of double encryption of keys and passwords is supported and locks, cables, hasps and other accessories can be selected and matched, which improves the security of the notebook computer lock a lot and is deeply liked and trusted by users. As notebooks become thinner and thinner, MAKE's combination laptop locks have been investigated and improved in time according to market demand. Currently, high-end computer locks with small diameter of 10mm have been produced, which status is parallel to that of "iPhone" in the industry of computer locks. Due to its small size and light weight, it is extremely handy to carry. Thus, MK815-5 is the choice for you to keep your notebooks safe during your travel.
combination notebook PC lock.

As a renowned brand in the lockset industry, notebook computer locks produced by Xiamen Make Security Technology Co., Ltd. have high safety, good quality and are easy to carry. When and where to use the lock is almost unlimited. Only by simple operation, the security index of computers can be greatly enhanced. In addition to laptops, MAKE's computer locks can also be used for luggage, projectors and other items. When you take your notebook, projector or luggage out to work or participate in exhibition activities, you can install the notebook computer lock for them by the way, to help you prevent theft and ensure the safety of your property.