Unlock MKAE Smart Self-Service Vending Machine Locks

Unlock MKAE Smart Self-Service Vending Machine Locks

In the tide of the era of intelligent terminals, self-service vending machine locks have entered a new realm of intelligence, convenience, and simplicity, helping merchants to easily manage and use self-service vending machines.
Building upon traditional self-service vending machine locks, MAKE has introduced two intelligent unlocking self-service vending machine locks using new technologies. With just a light touch, the lock can be easily opened. Let us explore its magic together.

Bluetooth Unlocking:
MAKE Smart Self-Service Vending Machine Lock Bluetooth Edition integrates 5G+ Bluetooth technology, achieving intelligent interconnection between the lock and the mobile phone through Bluetooth signal transmission.

Open the mobile application, find the corresponding lock name on the homepage, or enter the lock name in the search box, click the unlock button, and the lock handle will instantly activate, making unlocking effortless.

Central Control Signal Unlocking:
MAKE Smart Self-Service Vending Machine Lock Central Control Edition utilizes cloud platform technology to establish the connection between the system and the lock through the opening and closing control line.

Press the unlock button on the central control platform, and release the unlock signal from the central control platform. The lock handle automatically opens, and the unlocking is successful.

In addition, both models of MAKE Smart Self-Service Vending Machine Locks are equipped with mechanical emergency unlocking functions. In special circumstances, staff can remove the dust cover, insert the emergency key, and rotate it 90° clockwise to unlock.

Compared to traditional T-shaped locks, MAKE Smart Self-Service Vending Machine Lock Bluetooth/Central Control Editions have three major advantages in unlocking:

1. Simplified unlocking steps.
Users can unlock with a simple button touch, or quickly unlock by turning the emergency key 90° to the right, eliminating the hassle of multiple rotations of keys.

2. Shortened unlocking time.
Whether unlocking by button or emergency key, it can be quickly opened, saving valuable time.

3. Real-time monitoring of lock status.
Users can check whether the lock is closed or open at any time through the mobile application/central control platform, without the need for repeated operations to confirm the lock status.
MAKE Smart Self-Service Vending Machine Locks make unlocking simple and easy! Choose the unlocking method according to your needs, making management more effortless, worry-free, and efficient.