What to Do When Combination Locks Can Not Be Opened

What to Do When Combination Locks Can Not Be Opened
It is common to use mechanical combination locks in daily life. However, sometimes, people forget the password and can not open the lock, which is annoying absolutely. 

First of all, it is not needed to break the combination lock if you don not have to open it at once. 

There are various combination locks with different designs and manufacturing technologies. So, in general, manufacturers certainly have made good preparations and had remedies for the unexpected emergency cases. You can contact the manufacturer of your combination lock and then take measures for the manufacturer's advice.

If you have the emergency key of the combination lock, you can use the key to open the lock without a password. But there are still situations in which the emergency key is ineffective, or the key even gets lost. 

So, what is the solution if the above situations occur? 

Most of time, the password that people keep in mind is right yet they can not open the combination lock. In such case, it is necessary to open the lock with accuracy to make sure right numbers or symbols are selected. It should be noted that a little powder of pencil lead instead of the lubricant oil can be used for the combination lock. Moreover, locksmiths can be called to check whether the key jams the lock or not.

If solutions described above do not solve the problem, the last solution is opening the lock by force. In such a case, screwdrivers can be considered, and even electric drills are also good choices. Remember, the process is irreversible, and the combination lock becomes useless after broken by force.

At last, here is an additional suggestion. 

It is not recommended contacting the locksmiths through the illegal advertisements which can often be seen on the walls of public buildings because these so called locksmiths may be thieves or frauds.

Combination locks of Male Locks
The 4-digital combination lock of Make Locks has the emergency key to help users find back the password.