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Required Things in Lock Polishing
Posted: 01/16/2016 03:26:11  Hits: 652
Here are some the required things in the process of lock polishing:
(1) Nitrate: serves for passivating and polishing. It directly affects the polishing speed and quality. When the concentration and reaction speed is low, the surface gloss will be poor and deposit thick stuffs on the pan after polishing. When the concentration is too low, dotted erosion will appear on the surface after polishing.
(2) Phosphorus: in addition to dissolve the thick liquid metal oxides, it can also dissolve metal and the dissolved product of metal oxide, forming a passivated film on the surface. This is the key to the leveling of metal surface. When the phosphate content is too low, the metal surface will not be light.
(3) Acetic acid: it can inhibit the pitting corrosion, making the surface even and delicate.
(4) Sulfuric acid: the role of similar to our acid, low the effect than dark acid is a bit poor. Due to the low sulfur enemy cost, volatile small, so it is widely used.
(5) Sulfuric acid and urea: it can reduce nitrogen oxide effect in the fluid, and improve the polishing quality.
(6) Sulfate steel: provides copper ions. A small amount of copper ions can prevent the metal surface from corrosion, and improve the uniformity of surface polishing. When key ion is too much, it will reduce the reflective ability of polishing surface.
Required Things in Lock Polishing
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