Steel Vending Machine Lock MK210-7
Steel Vending Machine Lock MK210-7
Short Description
 Model No.: MK210-7    Hits: 2089
China Steel Vending Machine Lock Manufaturer: Steel Vending Machine Locks, the Special Nut with Spring Thread Handle Convenient, optional plungers.

Key Specifications / Features

Name: MK210-7 Vending Machine Lock.

  • Material: zinc alloy, steel
  • Finished: shiny chrome, nickel plated.

1. According to different security purpose, there are optional plunger with tubular key, dimple key and disc tumbler system.
2. The special nut with spring thread, handle convenient.
3. Accept any NAMA standard cylinder.

Vending/game machine, ATM, Automatic Water Machine, Automatic Book Machine, Automatic CD Machine, intelligent terminal, electrical equipment, etc.

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