T-handle Vending Lock MK202

T-handle Vending Lock MK202

Model No.: MK202 Hits: 1479

China T-handle Vending Lock Manufacturer: T-handle Vending Locks, Zinc Alloy Material, Three Type Of T-handle And Nuts, Locked Nut With Triple Thread.

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Name: MK202 Vending Lock. 

• Material: zinc alloy. 
• Finished: shiny chrome, nickel plated. 
• Key combination: over 10,000. 

1. Three type of T-handle and nut for selection. 
2. Locked nut with triple thread, handle convenient. 
3. Customer-oriented development available. 

Vending/game machine, ATM, Automatic Water Machine, Automatic Book Machine, Automatic CD Machine, intelligent terminal, electrical equipment, etc.

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