Cam Locks

What Is Cam Lock?

A cam lock is a fastening mechanism that consists of two main components: a cylindrical body (usually made of metal or plastic) and a rotating arm called a "cam." Its primary function is to securely connect two surfaces or components when engaged and to release them as required.

Key Benefits of Cam Lock

1. Operates with a simple 90 degree turn
2. Seals out water and dust
3. Key, tool, and hand operated options
4. Adjustable grip options compensate for variation
5. Simple Installation  

Why Choosing MAKE Cam Lock?

1. MAKE cam lock has a wide range of handles, tool, wireless and key locking options as well as dust-free and water-tight varieties, providing security and sealing to suit nearly all applications.
2. Our cam lock materials are mainly zinc alloy, stainless steel and brass. 
3. Four types of surface treatments: chrome-plated, zinc-plated & bright chrome, powder coating and nickel plated. 
4. There are various lock sizes and lengths of cam housing for your choice. 
5. OEM or ODM as your own drawing is available too.


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