Horizontal Keypad Lock

A Horizontal Keypad Lock, also known as an electronic keypad lock, is a type of secure locking mechanism commonly used in residential and commercial settings. These locks, sometimes referred to as digital locks, smart locks, or keyless locks, have gained popularity due to their convenience and security features.

Unlike traditional locks, which require physical keys, keypad locks are operated by inputting a unique access code into a numerical pad. The Horizontal Keypad Lock is a specific type of keypad lock designed to be mounted horizontally. This type of lock is characterized by its simplicity, reliability, and cost-effectiveness compared to other keypad locks. It stands out in terms of reliability and affordability among competitors.

Regardless of whether it's part of a security system or not, the lock mechanism functions by requiring a small electrical current to release the lock bolt. This current is generated when the correct access code is entered into the keypad.


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