Jewelry Counter Passive Electronic Lock

A Jewelry Counter Passive Electronic Lock is designed to secure jewelry display counters and cabinets without the need for a dedicated power supply, ensuring convenient and straightforward installation.

As a reputable Jewelry Counter Passive Electronic Lock Manufacturer from China, our company specializes in producing reliable locking solutions tailored for jewelry displays.

These locks serve as drop-in replacements for traditional mechanical locks commonly found on jewelry display cases. They eliminate the need for wiring and complex installation procedures, simplifying the upgrade process for security systems in jewelry stores and boutiques.

At its core, a Jewelry Counter Passive Electronic Lock features a miniature electronic single-chip microcomputer integrated within the lock mechanism. When a key is inserted, it supplies power to the lock. The microcomputer then reads and records the unique ID number for verification. If the ID matches the authorized credentials, the lock will unlock the jewelry display counter, granting access to the valuables inside.


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