Lock Plunger

What Is Lock Plunger ?

A lock plunger is the part of a lock mechanism that extends or retracts to secure or release a locking mechanism.It is often used in sliding doors, cabinets, and drawers. These locks incorporate a sliding bolt that moves back and forth and securely fits into a slot when locked, preventing the glass door from sliding.

How a Lock Plunger works?

A lock plunger's typical operation involves either mechanical or electronic means to extend and retract, thereby securing or releasing a lock, which controls access to the secured area. The specific design and operation may vary depending on the type of lock and its intended application.

The Lock Plunger Features

1. Spring-loaded pop-out cylinder, complete with an interlocking butterfly tail piece.
2. Easily switched from a key-retaining to a non-key-retaining configuration.
3. Easy re-keying to the desired key combination.

The Lock Plunger Applications

Retail Markets and Avanti Markets
merchandising showcases
motorcycles, cars and bicycles

The Lock Plunger Cylinder Options

Keyed different
Keyed alike
Master keyed
The plunger lock is a great tool for securing a number of access point. From glass doors, cabinets and even drawers, you can rest assured your items will be safe when installing this type of lock. Our plunger locks for showcases are perfect for personal use, retailer use or business who want to safely present their items or entry points in an easy manner when necessary.


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