The Maintenance Methods of Locks

The Maintenance Methods of Locks

Although lock is a small hardware accessory, which is consisting in door and window hardware, it plays a most important role in our daily life. Therefore it is crucial to maintain it.

1. When the door lock is not easy to be opened or closed, you can spray some lubricating oil on the lock bolt.

2. Some kind of plug cannot be added fabricating oil, such as dual bead lock.

3. The door crack should not be too large, which may make it easy to open or make noise.

4. When the lock is not so easy to be inserted or pulled out, you can spray some light oil, while heavy oil will make it fail to work.

5. The security lock has lattice type, which prevent someone from using iron wire to unlock the lock and open the door.

6. The plug cannot be exposed to the rain. Because there is a small spring in the plug, any contact with water will make it fail to work.

7. Do not directly use the key to open the door. The key unlocks the door lock without the plug back to normal position, and using key under this situation will soon make the lock fail.

8. Do not connect a set of locomotive keys together, because during the motive driving, the moving and weight of those keys will damage the lock plug and the key will drop over time.

9. Automatic lock is easy to fail to work.

The Maintenance Methods of Locks