Zinc alloy ABS Coin Operated Lock MK303

Zinc alloy ABS Coin Operated Lock MK303

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Coin Operated Lock Supplier: Coin Operated Locks MK303, Zinc Alloy, ABS, 10,000 Key Combination, Removable Lock Cylinder, with Management Key.

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Coin Operated Lock

Technical data
Item No: MK303
Type: Coin-operated lock
Material: Zinc alloy, ABS
Key combination: 10,000

● Work on coin return or coin charge mode.
● Coin charge mode with a coin box.
● Can accept coin size: diameter is 18.5-30mm thickness is 1.3-3mm.
● Removable lock cylinder.
● Comes with management key.
● Can be installed indoor thickness up to 20mm.


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