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An Introduction of Lock Body and its Functional Categories
Posted: 03/11/2015 04:43:42  Hits: 614
Lock body is a component of lock, which has many categories such as single-way, three-way and four-way types, etc.
Functional classification
  1. Single-bolt lock
This type is often applied to room door, office and so on. It can also be combined with intelligent entrance guard system. With the function of both mechanical and intelligent locks, this kind lock is both convenient and safe.
  1. Heaven and earth lock
This kind of lock body is to lock the door and at the same time, the lock body gear drives the lock point above and below (on the edge above of the door and under the door edge) and four cylindrical lock points. When locking the door, you can lock the three sides of the door with the door hinge it with locks, therefore the door have good anti-pry and-collision function. To identifying whether your security door is three-way or not, you have to first check that whether it has the corresponding hole to let the lock point into the door frame. Secondly, you should look at the lock, open the door and locks the lock with key, so as to see if there are lock points extending from the inside.
  1. Quick-open and-close lock
This is a new type of anti-theft lock whose close and open are all convenient. You can lock or open the door by pulling up the handle without key. This type of lock body can only be used in steel doors (no-window) and air-tight door. Because of its quick-open-and-close function, it cannot be applied to barrier-type stainless steel security door, which can be easily opened by a small stick.
We should choose lock body according to the door and the fact. Safety should be considered first and then the convenience.

An Introduction of Lock Body and its Functional Categories
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