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Factors of Choosing Cabinet Locks and Hinges
Posted: 01/30/2015 02:39:35  Hits: 572
Cabinet design engineers have to carefully choose suitable locks and hinges for cabinet components, which will influence the whole function, security and price of cabinets. Here are some factors to take into consideration:
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The first thing to do to select the best solution is to learn specifications and requirements of combining each part in detailed, or to make new customized products according to design parameter. If you need locks that are economical and can quickly and easily operated, as well as can be flexibly adjusted their space dimension, cam locks are the best type. Compression locks are most suitable for doors with sealing planks so as to reach specified requirements of dustproof, waterproof, anti-EMI or RFI, and can also be able to prevent quake and reduce noises. Push locks offer the locking methods “locking as soon as being pushed”, which provides a quick and convenient controlling way to customers. If there are some differences between the two panels and flat panel, you can pull the panel and its frame at the same position by pull locks. Locks of different level-types or rotated-types have various tensions and even enhance the strongest loading force.

Multi-point locks can overcome the problem of the large area of cabinet doors, and at the same time use a single lock to operate two or more points to flush the doors. The drivers can be compression, hidden types or those with locks, in order to optimize security. Faced with the demand of monitoring switch cabinet, the technology of electronic entrance guard is also extended to cabinet, which has gradually become the preferred mode of putting cabinet products into management. An excellent-designed electronic entrance guard has a wide range of advantages, which can not only achieve flexible access to rights settings and convenient monitoring, but also eliminates the cumbersome key management, thus improving the overall function of the cabinet security guard.

Hinges have three types: exposed, embedded and hidden. Exposed hinges can meet the requirements of increasing space inside the cabinet, installing without tools or easily replacing standard door frame. Hidden hinges can combined their hidden features with hidden and easy bracket installation, so as to hidden the hinges when closing cabinet doors, which can increase security and at the same time keep the cabinet refined aesthetic appearance. In order to meet the characteristics of position controlling, embedded hinges can be applied to any product applications. Embedded hinges are applicable to the existing cabinet plug of various sizes for position controlling, such as the torque stopper, bitable function, position balance, when you can move them by a simple rotation mode. The function of customized engineering position mechanism can be further improved to overcome the difficulties when moving.

Factors of Choosing Cabinet Locks and Hinges
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