Bluetooth Cam Lock Helps Upgrade Financial Terminal Equipment

Bluetooth Cam Lock Helps Upgrade Financial Terminal Equipment

Customer background: A well-known manufacturer of financial terminal equipment
Company S is a world-renowned manufacturer of financial terminal equipment. Its main products include ATM machines, bank teller machines, coin machines and money-counting machines. Over the decades since its establishment, Company S has provided solutions and services to many financial industry customers around the world and has a good reputation in the financial terminal equipment industry.
A manufacturer of financial terminal equipment

Goals and challenges: In the era of intelligence, mechanical locks cannot meet the need for equipment.
With the rapid development of big data, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, financial terminals have also ushered in the trend of intelligent development. Previously, Company S's financial terminal equipment mainly used mechanical cam locks, which were in confronted with many problems in the fierce industry competition.
Locks for financial terminal equipment

On the one end, the mechanical cam lock can be opened with a key, and the key is easy to be lost, stolen or copied, which has security loopholes and cannot meet the need for security in today's financial terminal equipment. On the other hand, mechanical cam locks cannot authorize users at different levels as needed, which brings inconvenience to financial terminal equipment management and also affects equipment security. In addition, the mechanical cam lock does not have the function of recording the lock and historical operation records cannot be queried and traced, which is not conducive to subsequent accountability.

To solve the above problems, Company S decided to upgrade the locks used in financial terminals and cooperated with Make.
Solution: Smart Bluetooth cam lock can solve the problem existing in device management
MK-E280 is Make's new generation of the financial terminal smart lock. It has the advantages of intelligent integration, efficiency, convenience, safety and reliability. It can help Company S solve the problem of security and management for financial terminal equipment.
Scan the code to unlock, which is convenient and fast.
MK-E280 adopts wireless IoT Bluetooth technology and can be unlocked by scanning the QR code on the mobile phone APP. It is efficient and convenient. It not only solves the problem of too many keys and inconvenient unlocking and improves work efficiency, but also avoids problems such as key loss, theft and copying, improving the efficiency and security of daily use of financial terminal equipment.

Scanning by the qr code

APP plus WEB platform, intelligent management
MK-E280 adopts a combination of an APP operating program and a WEB management platform. The lock is linked to the management platform through Bluetooth communication. Each time the locking and unlocking of the lock is automatically recorded and uploaded to the management platform. Users can trace and query at any time, effectively protecting financial terminal equipment. It is safe to use and forms an intelligent management model of an Internet plus a lock.​
APP plus WEB platform

Authorization for easy management and maintenance
MK-E280 has authorization management. Different users have different unlocking rights. Without authorization, the lock cannot be unlocked, which facilitates multi-level management of financial terminal equipment and improves the security of the equipment.

MK-E280 is equipped with an emergency lock hole. When the lock malfunctions or runs out of power, a mechanical key can be used to emergency unlock the lock. The mode of intelligent unlocking plus mechanical emergency unlocking makes the use and management of financial terminal equipment more convenient.

Authorization for easy management and maintenance

By adopting MK-E280, Company S's ATM machines have solved the problem of previous mechanical locks such as unauthorized management, no record of opening and closing of locks, and difficulty in managing keys and equipment, and achieved an intelligent upgrade of the equipment.
MK E280 for ATM machines

During project cooperation, customers' feedback also provides the market basis for Make's product improvement, new product development, and valuable project experience for Make to further develop the market, achieving win-win cooperation.

Nowadays, MK-E280 has been put into the daily operation of S Company’s financial terminal equipment, ensuring the safety and management of financial equipment. In the future, we will also continue to work hard on the path of new product development to help customers solve problems and create more value for customers.