How Can Electronic Handle Locks Protect Data Centers?

How Can Electronic Handle Locks Protect Data Centers?

Today, with the booming of big data and cloud computing, data centers, as the important engine behind various devices, play an important role in the normal operation of the digital space. With the continuous expansion of big data and cloud computing, the demand for data center cabinets continues to rise and has become an important equipment support.
Electronic Handle Locks

As an important accessory for the physical security of data center cabinets, locks can not only prevent equipment and data in the cabinet from being stolen but also prevent accidents caused by accidental touches.

With the increasing requirements for the security of data centers, traditional mechanical handle locks can no longer meet the requirements for cabinets. How to upgrade data center cabinet protection? Recently, the electronic handle lock provided by Make to its partners provided us with the answer.
Customer background: an equipment supplier of a professional data center 
Company C is a well-known data center equipment supplier in Southeast Asia. It mainly provides hardware equipment and related technical services for data centers in the IT industry and banking industry.

As an integrated solution provider for data center equipment, Company C is committed to helping customers build future-oriented data centers with professional and efficient solutions and provides a full range of 360° services and solutions from project initiation to post-maintenance.​
The problem that the customer was confronted with is the lock cannot be unlocked remotely and the user experience is poor.

Previously, Company C's cabinet locks were mechanical handle locks, which could not be connected to the customer's data platform, and the locking and unlocking records were automatically uploaded to the data platform promptly. The security of the data center was not guaranteed.​
At the same time, the mechanical handle lock does not have a function of remote unlocking and cannot achieve authorized unlocking. Especially in emergencies, it increases the difficulty of unlocking the cabinet and makes use and management very inconvenient.

In view of the problem, we recommended the MK436 electronic handle lock as a solution for data center cabinet locks.
Solution: electronic handle locks solves the problem of use and management.
Make Electronic Handle Lock MK436 is an electronic handle lock that integrates multiple functions. It solves the problem in the use and management of Company C’s cabinet locks and upgrades the security protection of the cabinet.

MK436 is made from zinc alloy and has a metal shell, which is sturdy and durable. It has high-quality surface treatment and IP65 protection level, making it waterproof and dustproof. The keyhole is equipped with a dust-proof cover to prevent dust and sand from entering the keyhole and protect the safety of the lock cylinder.
It has multiple unlocking methods such as unlocking by RS485 protocol remote unlocking, mechanical keys and swiping cards to meet different unlocking needs. Among them, remote control unlocking is convenient and fast, without the need for on-site operation. It solves the disadvantages of mechanical handle locks that need to carry a large number of keys and look for keys and improves the efficiency and safety of daily operation and maintenance.

MK436 can be connected to the data platform, and locking and unlocking are automatically uploaded to the data platform, which solves the problem of not knowing when to open the data center cabinets and who opens them, improves the security of the data center, and facilitates user management.

The new unlocked alarm function can remind users to close the lock in time to prevent forgetting to close the lock, thereby avoiding theft of equipment and data inside the cabinet.
Customer Reviews: security and management of cabinets are upgraded.
Through Make’s electronic handle lock solution, Company C’s problems in the use and management of cabinet locks have been solved.

Whether it is connecting to the data platform, locking and unlocking recording, or remotely controlling unlocking, MK436 can handle it all, which improves the user experience and enhances the competitiveness of Company C's data center equipment.

The small electronic handle lock brings a different use and management experience to the cabinet. Make will take customer satisfaction as its purpose, help customers solve problems, and provide professional and one-stop security solutions.