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General Knowledge of Door Locks
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This technical article introduces some general knowledge of door locks, including its category, selection matters and install methods.

1. Anti-theft lock. Exterior entry door is the divide of home and outdoor. It must have the function of insurance and security. The door is usually consisted of two: iron gate and door (usually a wood door). As for iron gate, it should be locked from both sides, which is called double-end lock. It should be noticed that the distance between the two doors should be less than 80mm, otherwise, the two doors cannot be closed at the same time and don’t have the ability of security. The wood door is usually installed with a big lock to decorate.
2. Indoor lock. It always refers to bedroom. This lock has insurance ability inside the door, which can be opened outside the door by keys.
3. Bathroom door lock. It can be locked inside the room and has emergency open device outside.
4. Lock for kitchen and passage: it only has the ability of pulling and wind break without insurance function. It is also applicable to storage and baby room.

Door lock selection matters
1. Choose brand with high quality. Because brand manufacturers have after-sales service at many places, which can give you free maintenance during warranty period.
2. Door thickness: 35-50mm-door uses sphere locks; 35-55mm-door applies insert locks; 42 mm-door installs mortise locks.
3. Center distance.
4. Select the locks having the same direction with the door, because handle lock has left and right side.
5. Try to unify the shape of handles to coordinate the room.
6. Hinges: select strong hinges for fear that its breakdown will influence locks function.

Installing methods
1. When installing sphere door locks, you can just dismantle the side with insurance instead of the side with key. Carefully read the specifications before installing.
2. Use the same size ratio specifications when installing handle lock or sphere lock;
3. During painting, the lock must be dismantled in case of touching the oil paint and breaking the protective film;
4. Do not package the exposed parts of the locks.

General Knowledge of Door Locks
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