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Measures to Protect Door and Window Hardware from Damage
Posted: 10/08/2015 04:02:24  Hits: 467
Reasons for hardware breakdown:
Incorrect hardware accessories, which brings to poor quality; there is no metal plate at the fastening, which results in poor installation strength.

General hardware damages are: insecure hardware fittings fixation, mobility, the damage of pulley and friction hinge, and opening and closing is not flexible.
Measures to prevent the damage:
The model, specification and performance of selected hardware accessories should comply with state current standards and relevant provisions, as well as selected door and window.
Install hardware should use fastening screw with metal liner, whose thickness should be twice of fasteners. It cannot be tightened on the doors and windows and may not use non-metal lining.
Hardware fittings shall be the final installation. Door lock and handle should be assembled after the window and door is installed, so as to ensure correct position and quick switch.
Hardware after installation should consider maintenance to prevent rust corrosion. In daily use they should be lightly opened and closed to prevent damage.
The push-pull window with more than 1m width, or windows and doors installed double glass should set up double pulley or scroll wheel.
Friction hinge should adopt stainless steel material instead of aluminum.

 Measures to Protect Door and Window Hardware from Damage
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