High-Security Electronic Safe Locks with Two User Codes

High-Security Electronic Safe Locks with Two User Codes

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High-Security Electronic Safe Locks Supplier in China: Zinc Alloy Electronic Safe Locks, Keypad Unlock, Two User Codes, Low Battery Alert, Memory Function.

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Main function
1. Keypad unlock.
2. Two user codes (user code, manager code).
3. Wrong Entry Penalty.
4. Automatic Re-lock.
5. Low battery alert.

1. Memory function.
2. Time delay.

Range of product application
This product is mainly used in safes, gun cabinets and so on.

Product Specifications
lock body material   zinc alloy
Power Supply 9v alkaline battery (duracell)
standby current ≤50uA
Battery life span Above one year
standby life span Above  three years
two level code manage code, user code
open with time delay time Delay opening from 0~99 minutes
Battery Low Alert When the battery voltage is low, the electronic lock can still be opened 3 times
Wrong Entry Penalty Entry of four (4) consecutive invalid codes results in a 5-minute penalty time period.
Automatic Re-lock The safe lock system automatically relocks after 4 seconds of being opened by a valid code
memory function With memory function, change the battery data will not be lost
reset function  With reset function, the system will be restored to the factory setting after reset
battery box Drawer type battery box design
Lock Indicator Light green light turns on solid for 15 seconds after locking


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