How to choose a lock - according to lock makers

How to choose a lock - according to lock makers

Wardrobe lock for clothing, vending machine lock for food, door lock and window lock for dwelling, vehicle lock for transportation..., it can be said that lock, in its varied forms, has permeated and played an important role in our work and life. 

And for industrial engineering, there are assorted locks as well, such as cabinet locks, locker locks, vending machine locks, claw machine locks, electric cabinet locks, mobile device cabinet locks, communication cabinet locks, switch rack cabinet locks, instrument cabinet locks, etc. So, how to discriminate between good and bad locks? Here's what experts say.

Make a deep-dive analysis of the environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, corrosion allowance, altitude, etc.), usages(deposit, insurance, theft prevention, security, etc.), and market demands(practical need, fashion, elegance, superior quality, etc.) of lock.

For saving money, a health club chain has not yet equipped with unified locker locks, which means that customers have to bring their own, different sorts of locks. This causes a series of problems like lousy impression, unascertainable security capability, thus the health club chain has got numerous customer complains and decreasing revenue.

Analysis of locks for locker room:
Environmental condition: high humidity, high temperature(near the shower room)
Usage: Depositing items, clothing, precious belongings
Object: gym customers who work out without belongings, especially sharp object.
In conclusion, they need a waterproof, keyless lock with refined appearance, high security capability.
As a mid-high tier consuming place, an affordable investment in decorating a trendy, self-contained supporting facility can bring a huge payoff for a health club. So, it is necessary to implement a uniformity in locker locks.

For your information, here's two brand new, high-end locks provided by MAKE Security Technology Co., Ltd.

Characteristics of Fingerprint Locker Lock MK727
1.Easy and fast operation, with no need of a screw
2.High-sensitivity fingerprint module, red&green LED showing lock status
3.IP54 - water, dust resistant
4.Emergency backup generator
5.Two modes - guest mode and administrator mode

Ideal for school, hospital, airport, gym, health and fitness clubs, swimming pool. suitable for all types of lockers, such as cabinet lockers, wardrobe lockers, etc.

Characteristics of RFID Cam Lock for Locker MK726:
1.Three-level management system, up to 100 users per lock.
2.Can be used right/left handle, simple operation, high sensitivity.
3.Dispense with external programming device.
4.Red&green LED showing lock status.
5.Use condition: temperature: -15℃ to 65℃; humidity: 5% to 95%.

Suitable for plastic lockers and metal lockers, and aluminum alloy lockers, 

Product evaluation:
1.Materials for making locks
Stainless steel: solid, corrosion resistance
Copper: universally used, superior mechanical performance, expensive price
Zinc alloy: solid, anti-wear, anti-corrosion, good formability
2.Surface finishing: There are three common types: galvanizing, painting, coating. Surface finishing can form a protective coat of anti-corrosion, anti-rust, beautify the product, and be used as a direct measurement of product quality.
3.Other know-hows of distinguishment: checking texture, sound, weigh, anti-counterfeiting label, GB standards.

Xiamen MAKE Security Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005. As a high-tech enterprise that integrates safe, high-quality locks with research and development, production, it has been awarded many honors, and obtained 72 patents, including 24 international patents. Certifcated with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2004, MAKE was chosen as a famous trademark of Xiamen and Fujian Province.

Company competitiveness: qualification, reputation, research and development ability, service, etc.
Implementation methods: market survey, factory inspection, sampling, documentation, etc.

A safe and reliable, easy-to-use lock costs little yet it's vital.
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How to choose a lock - according to lock makers