How to Tell If It is a Superior or Inferior Lock?

How to Tell If It is a Superior or Inferior Lock?

Check the key. On the one hand, see whether there is obvious machining marks or not, no machining marks is better. On the other hand, check whether the structure is complex or not. It is better to have more than three anti-theft structure, such as cylinder, several concave key holes, stripe concave key slot and bend concave key slots.

Check the key cylinder in a good light. Clean and tidy interior always means better quality.

Check the weight. The better key cylinder is heavier. 

The lock material on the market basically is divided into stainless steel, copper, zinc alloy, iron, steel and aluminum. Stainless steel has characteristics of good strength, strong corrosion resistance and colorfastness, is the best lock material; Copper is in common use. It is more expensive because the mechanical performance is superior; High quality zinc alloy is solid, wear-resisting. It has excellent anti-corrosion performance, is easy to shape, commonly used to produce mid-range lock. 
Surface treatment  
General surface treatment is classified into electroplating, spraying and dyeing. Through these surface treatment forming protect film not only can play a role of anti-corrosion and anti-rust, but also make products look better. Through surface treatment process, people can measure that the product is good or bad. High quality lock usually will adopt electroplating, appropriate and even coating. It is brightly painted with no bubble, no rust and oxidation.

Function design 
There is a wide range of locks, which kind of lock you should choose depends on where you want to applied it to. According to different functions, there will be many categories in detail, such as vending machine lock, bathroom lock, cabinet lock, locker lock and so on.

Standard implementation
At present, the ministry of light industry has draw lessons from some foreign standards and revised the original implementation of GB into QB of higher requirements. Small manufacturer in order to save the cost can’t meet the standards, while the leading lock manufacturer will always meets the standard during the production.

How to Tell If It is a Good or Bad Lock?