Intelligent Management of Electronic Brackets in 3C Stores

Intelligent Management of Electronic Brackets in 3C Stores

With the continuous growth of the digital economy, the 3C industry is developing rapidly. With mobile phones, tablets, and laptops as the main force, electronic consumer products are being updated faster.

Behind the rapid development of 3C products, the number of derivative accessories is staggering, and the development prospect of the industry is very broad.

Intelligent Management of Electronic Brackets in 3C Stores

As an important part of 3C stores, if electronic bracket providers want to consolidate and enhance their market position in the fierce industry competition, they will not only need to meet the growing safety needs of stores but also need to solve the daily management problems of 3C products. Based on the safety demand, the intelligent management of stores provides a new idea for electronic bracket providers.
 Customer Background

F Company is a leading global manufacturer of 3C store display accessories, which is known for its excellent product quality and excellent customer service.

Intelligent Management of Electronic Brackets in 3C Stores

The company mainly provides electronic bracket and alarm protection equipment and other related accessories for 3C products such as mobile phones, computers, cameras, and tablets. It aims to provide the strictest security protection for 3C products in stores, and constantly meet the growing security needs of customers.

Customer Challenge: the Existing Locks have Pain Points

In the process of helping the 3C store electronic support to realize intelligent management, company F has found that there are the following pain points in the application of the original electronic lock:

1. The original electronic lock does not have the function of authorized access, with the flow of shop assistants, this situation is easy to bring management security risks;

2. The lock cannot be connected to the Internet, and because of the stand-alone management state, the relevant information for use cannot be recorded, which is inconvenient to query and track the data in the future;

3. The battery power supply of the electronic lock needs to replace the battery, while the power supply needs wiring, which brings inconvenience to the display of 3C stores.

The existence of these problems not only affects the daily safety of 3C products but also brings inconvenience to store management.

Intelligent Management of Electronic Brackets in 3C Stores

In order to solve the lock problem of electronic brackets in 3C stores and help customers optimize the intelligent management of the stores, the project leader of F Company expects to find suitable products through MAKE to meet the needs of end users.
Intelligent Management of Electronic Brackets in 3C Stores

In this cooperation, MAKE combined the pain points and needs of F company with the passive electronic lock solution. This solution solves the problems existing in the use process of the original electronic lock and combines the lock with the management platform to realize the intelligent management of the electronic brackets in 3C stores.

Intelligent Management of Electronic Brackets in 3C Stores

Key power supply, to solve the problem of power supply instability:

The battery of M5 is located in the key, and the power supply is reversed by the electronic key to complete the permission identification and unlocking. The power supply and battery life of the key are stable, which solves the problem that the electronic lock needs to replace the battery regularly and the problem that the power supply is unstable, which ensures the daily safety demand of the electronic bracket.

Intelligent Management of Electronic Brackets in 3C Stores

Controllable access, intelligent use:

The key of M5 has a controllable access function. The store manager can authorize the smart key through the management platform, such as assigning the support switch lock authority and switch lock time, etc., which meets the intelligent management needs of electronic bracket in retail stores.

Intelligent Management of Electronic Brackets in 3C Stores

Information recording and visual management:

MAKE cloud platform can record the operation records of keys and locks, and facilitate the inquiry and tracking of the operation of stores. It can also realize the informatization and visual management of electronic brackets in retail stores in the information age.
 Project Results

After the trial operation of the project, the F company officially used the passive electronic lock M5 as the lock for the project. "The special power supply method of M5 helps us solve the pain point of electronic lock in the application of electronic brackets in 3C stores. Moreover, the product has controllable access and information recording and other functions, which also provides convenience for the daily management of our customers' stores. ”

With the advent of the intelligent era, electronic locks can be used in various application scenarios. Timely understanding of the pain points and problems in customer projects, combined with industry characteristics and terminal needs, to provide customers with professional solutions, is our unchanged original aspiration, but also our future adheres to the performance of the creed.