Intelligent Security Upgrade of Safes

Intelligent Security Upgrade of Safes

The safe is an essential security device that can provide people with peace of mind. It can be used to store important documents, valuables and cash. Its importance and safety are self-evident.
With the development of the times, the applications of safes have become increasingly diversified. From financial institutions, government agencies, enterprises to ordinary households, safes are one of the important security products, and their market development is rapid. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of related technologies, the demand for product upgrades in the safe industry has gradually increased and is developing in the direction of intelligence. In order to promote the intelligent upgrading strategy of safes, The company M is cooperate with Make for the intelligent upgrading project of safes.
Customer background: A well-known safe company
The company M is an internationally renowned R&D, design and manufacturing of safe enterprise, which is a leading company in the design and manufacturing of safes. After decades of development, The Company M has formed a complete industrial chain integrating production, sales and service of safes. The products cover dozens of varieties and hundreds of specifications and the company M has won many awards.
A well-known safe company
The company M's safes mainly include household safes, bank safes, file safes and gun safes. The safes have won the trust and support of the majority of users and are exported to many countries and regions around the world.

Challenges of the customer
The existing locks are unstable and the batteries are inconvenient to replace.
The company M mainly faced the following problems in the use of safe locks: First, the software system used by the existing smart safe locks had poor stability and frequent operational failures; second, the safe locks lacked a simple battery replacement, and when replacing the batteries, the lock needs to be removed and replaced.
Challenges of the customer
“With the advent of the intelligent era, our safes are also facing the need to upgrade. We hope to find a high-security safe lock supplier to promote the company's intelligent upgrade strategy, establish our own brand, and create differentiated competitive advantages, ” the company M said.

Solutions: Make Intelligent Electronic Safe Locks
In response to the above needs, Make provided the company M with a customized solution, that is the intelligent electronic safe lock MK-E310, which has the advantages of stable performance, high safety factor and intelligence, which greatly improves the safety level of the safe.

The MK-E310 lock body is made from all metals, which is strong and durable. The structure adopts the dual-proof patented design of "anti-violence and anti-knock unlocking". The structure is solid, safe and reliable. The product undergoes strict quality testing before leaving the factory, and has a service life of up to 100,000 times, making it secure to use.
The MK-E310 lock body
For smart safes, the stability of the software directly affects the user’s experience. When designing, Make fully considered the various applications of the company M's safe, and continuously debugged and verified the relevant software, improving the stability of the daily operation of the software and reducing the occurrence of operational failures.

smart safes made by Make
In terms of battery replacement, MK-E310 supports simple battery replacement. When you need to replace the battery, you only need to open the battery box at the bottom of the lock body to replace it without disassembling the lock. The lock body has its memory program that can store unlocking records. This simple replacement not only makes the use of the safe lock convenient and worry-free, but also prevents the loss and resetting of the original usage data.
simple replacement
In terms of function, MK-E310 has also achieved intelligent upgrades, with delayed opening and self-locking functions.

Under the delayed opening, the user can choose the lock to be opened at any time within the set 0 to 99 minutes. After entering the password, the lock will not be opened immediately, but will be opened after the time set by the user.

delayed opening and self-locking
Under the self-locking, if the lock is not unlocked immediately after entering the correct password, the lock will automatically lock after 4 seconds. Once the wrong password is entered four times in a row, the MK-E310 will automatically lock for five minutes. Even if the correct password is entered within these five minutes, the lock cannot be opened smoothly. The self-locking can effectively prevent accidental opening caused by trying to enter the password, thereby ensuring the daily safety of the safe.

delayed opening and self-locking
In addition, MK-E310 has a two-level management system. Users can set up multiple users according to needs, and can set up 9 users, including one administrator and eight operators at the same time. The addition of the management system has made the company M's safes used in financial institutions, government agencies and other places.
setting up multiple users
Project results: Meeting customer expected needs
"After receiving the sample, we tested this safe lock. Overall, this electronic safe lock met our expected needs. It not only helped us solve the problem of poor software stability, but also achieved easy battery replacement,” the company M said.
At the same time, the intelligent and diversified functions can better meet the various needs of our safes. Not only us but also our end users are very satisfied with this safe lock," the person in charge of the company M said.

Starting from the pain in the ass of users, winning the customer’s trust with high-quality products and services is Make's consistent pursuit.