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It Is Important to Maintain Locks
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During normal application, if there is any dirt, you can use dry cloth to clear, but do not use chemicals such as detergent to scrub, which can damage the leakage protective film and cause fading. Don't use wet cloth to wipe the lock body and the handle, because some of the metal locks will rust; alloy material will wear off films of locks, so to lose beautiful effect. In use process, some of the zinc alloy and copper locks will have "spots" after a long time installed on the door, which does not belong to rust, but is oxidation, and if that happens, you can just wipe with surface spray wax to remove spots. Installation must be correct, especially when installing, the handle and panel should not be stick with paper or adhesive tape. Locks should not be installed when paint is not dried, otherwise it will cause surface damage and fade.
Many consumers install the locks and have not checked the lock of his own house after a few years, even more than ten years. Even there are some problems; they still use it without carrying on inspection. In fact, it is wrong, and according to professional staff, the lock in the home should be comprehensively examined once every six months. Check whether the lubricating oil is enough, the screw is fastening, and any dislocation phenomenon, etc. Through a comprehensive screening, you can make these locks work better, make life more enjoyable, and at the same time can timely found the problem so as to solve it during the warranty period.
Use a dedicated lubrication powder, please keep the lock keyhole in clean and dry, which shall not be used in damp environment, and you cannot put into any other lubricant greases. If there are some difficulties in key plug or rotating, it is best to use a gasoline or alcohol with a key into the lock and then repeatedly plug and cleaning, and then add a little special lubrication into the key tooth and keyhole. Please keep the keyhole in clean and prevent sand or oil from entering. When the key is difficult to lock, you can insert carbon powder into the lock.
Just like human skin, lock also needs maintenance. To keep the lock appearance and prolong the service life of locks, in the process of daily use, the maintenance should be paid attention to. If the key of lock plug in use process is not smooth, you can put into a few graphite powder or pencil powder, and avoid using any other oils for lubricants, in order to prevent grease from sticking billiard springs, which may cause the locks cannot turn. Room door maintenance is often neglected, but after a long time without maintenance will also affect the service life of interior door. Door plank is the appearance of the interior door, we should often use cotton cloth to wipe and wax regularly. As for door hardware, you can use brightening agent to wipe. Especially when the lock core rotation is not flexible, you should avoid dripping into the lubricating oil, instead more easy to absorb dust.

 It Is Important to Maintain Locks
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