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Considered Factors before Buying Locks
Posted: 08/21/2015 11:37:49  Hits: 643
With the rapid development of pillar industries, such as house, car, high-grade office buildings and hotels etc., and national defense, public security, finance and other systems growing demand for high defensive locks products, high-grade locks have a optimistic market outlook. Lock itself is a decoration, and if the material or coating appears problem, it can lead to rust or coating color fall off. It is suggested to choose gold-plated copper or other coating adhesion. With the continuous improvement of living standards, consumer safety consciousness enhances, and the choose of locks and lock anti-theft performance decide home security. What are the precautions when buying a lock? What are the factors to consider? Here are the considerations and how to choose locks.
When choosing copper core lock, consumers should notice that some of its core is plastic, and only in the core head bag has a layer of copper. All copper plating nickel and iron nickel plating locks look almost the same, but the price is very different, generally all copper has silent ability, iron one has not, and scrutinize all copper its fine workmanship you will find that iron one is coarser. Ball installation does not reach the designated position, such as core shift in use makes it easy to break down. Now there is a backhand lock, which can lock strictly by handle gently lift and is very convenient, but it is easy to put the key in the room.
The development of science and technology makes human life changed dramatically, science and technology of the fashion life is the characteristics of today's society. And this kind of intelligent science and technology in all walks of life also play an important role. At present, our country's lock industry also began to become smarter, fingerprint lock, iris recognition and voice control system has been gradually applied. In future development of locks, fingerprint door will replace the key to open the door. Agent fingerprint lock does not mean that you only sell the fingerprint lock, you should consider the company's sales and capital turnover, general "fingerprint" is a good starting point, and if the brand manufacturers can provide fingerprints of other products at the same time, it will be a better choice.
Choose a good brand product to start your business. So-called good brand is the brand of the company must have certain strength, product quality has the guarantee, the features of the product must conform to the needs of the market at present, and the price of the product has the advantage. The choice of company scale in fact it is all about service ability. According to your good financial strength to choose the appropriate company size, the larger, the better. Generally it can be divided into regional agents, distributors, agents, general agent, etc.

Considered Factors before Buying Locks
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