Tubular Plunger Lock Barrel MK203-7

Tubular Plunger Lock Barrel MK203-7

Model No.: MK203-7 Hits: 2814

China Tubular Plunger Lock Barrel Manufacturer: Tubular Plunger Lock Barrels, Tongue Move Up And Down, Zinc Alloy Body, for Various Equipments.

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Name: MK203-7 Tubular Plunger Lock Barrel.  

• Material: zinc alloy.  
• Finish: bright chrome.  
• Key combination: 10,000.  

1. Tongue move up and down.  
2. Customer-oriented development available.  

Terminal equipment, electrical/wooden/metal cabinet, underground strobe, locker, coffer, showcase, vehicle, tools box, transport container, rifles outboard engine, trailer, train, automobile, boat, parking meter, etc.

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