MAKE Intelligent Passive Locks Rebuild the Management Mode of Express Cabinets

MAKE Intelligent Passive Locks Rebuild the Management Mode of Express Cabinets

Customer background
M Company is an innovative intelligent hardware and mobile Internet application enterprise with the Internet of Things as its core.
M Company, which pays attention to technological innovation and product experience, always takes "achieving a higher quality of life for users" as its development mission. After years of development, its market scope has expanded from Europe to North America.
Key management is difficult and the risk of theft is high.
M company's traditional express cabinet management is that a key corresponds to a lock, and the express cabinet operation and maintenance personnel open the corresponding lock with the keys they hold.
While this management method is inefficient and cumbersome. The related express cabinets are at risk of being stolen after the key is lost or the staff leaves.
Regional management is flexible and changeable.
M's express cabinet management is usually based on regional division. According to the change of business volume, the number of express cabinets in the region often changes. Based on the traditional mechanical lock management rules, the operation and maintenance personnel must increase or decrease the number of keys according to the number of express cabinets. The more express cabinets are managed, the more keys the operation and maintenance personnel need to carry. It is difficult to match keys one by one, and the workload is also greater.
"The express cabinet industry is developing rapidly, so we must find a more efficient and safe lock management method to better meet the needs of development."
—— Mr. Bai, Project Leader of M Company
Mr. Bai learned about the new intelligent passive lock from MAKE official website. After in-depth discussion and research with MAKE technicians, he found that MAKE M5 passive lock solved the current pain point of M Company and perfectly met its needs.

Controllable key access rights
MAKE M5 passive lock concentrates the access right of the lock in a small key. Through the data exchange between the cloud platform and the management platform, enterprise managers can log in to the management platform to authorize the key.
At the same time, the background will summarize and update the lock opening and closing records, and managers can check the usage of locks through the background.

The controllable key access authority transfers the management authority from the traditional key holder to the platform manager. Through the management platform, the manager can increase or decrease the number of express cabinets opened with the same key at any time.
When the key is lost, the lost key can be invalidated in time, and the overall safety factor of the lock will be linearly improved.

Efficient regional management
M5's access rights belong to keys, so managers can authorize a key to open different locks through platform operation. The distribution and operation of keys are simple.
It breaks the traditional mode of one key and one lock and makes the deployment and operation and maintenance management of express cabinets more efficient. At the same time, because of the existence of the cloud platform, the express cabinets in the region have realized real linkage management.

Project results
After the trial operation of the project, M Company officially makes the overall arrangement of MAKE intelligent passive electronic lock M5 on the first-line express cabinet.
"MAKE helps us overcome the obstacles that have been placed in our path of development, and its intelligent passive lock helps us to become a safer and more efficient provider of intelligent locker solutions. We are deeply moved by MAKE's professionalism."
—— Mr. Bai, Project Leader of M Company
Over the years, MAKE has been focusing on product quality, while constantly seeking new breakthroughs, and researching and developing products that meet the characteristics of the industry and the needs of the downstream supply chain. MAKE always regards product quality and innovation as the life cornerstone of development.