How Does MAKE Disc Brake Lock Help Customers Upgrade Their Products?

How Does MAKE Disc Brake Lock Help Customers Upgrade Their Products?

Customer Background
S company is a traffic lock brand with a high reputation in the industry. For a long time, S company has been providing customers with U-shaped locks, disc brake locks, chain locks and other safety locks. With excellent product quality and excellent after-sales service, it is deeply loved by the majority of users. Its products are exported to America, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.
Customer challenge: Alarm and non-alarm modes are not easy to set, and easy to operate by mistake.
The disc brake lock is a standard lock for motorcycles and other vehicles. With the expansion of the market, the disc brake lock of S company faces a big pain point.
"When the disc brake lock is set, a non-alarm mode only needs one pressing, and an alarm mode needs pressing twice continuously. In this process, it is necessary to grasp the time interval and press the pressure twice. However, in actual use, it is not easy for many car owners to grasp the scale of time and strength. They often can't tell whether their final setting is an alarm or non-alarm mode, resulting in false alarm of disc brake locks.”
"We have also investigated the market for disc brake locks. Most disc brake locks on the market at present adopt this method", said S company procurement director.
Solution: Disc brake lock MK619
By chance, the purchasing manager in charge of the project of S company saw MK619 disc brake lock products on the website, among which MK619 can realize the function of simple switching between two modes, which attract their attention. After an in-depth understanding, the company decided to take MK619 as the solution.

MK619 is a new patented product of MAKE. The alarm and non-alarm modes are clearly marked, and the switch is simple and easy to operate. Just rotate the lock to the corresponding position, and the operation is simple without mistake.

In addition, MK619 has a unique design of "one key, two functions and three defenses", which are easily suited to various environments, and are a good choice for safe travel.

Key 1: Press the lock, and the button will be released when pushed.

Unlike the way of unlocking by turning the key, the MK619 can be locked by lightly pressing between fingers, which is very convenient to use. Equipped with the lock core Abloy key system, it has a large number of dense teeth, outstanding anti-theft and anti-sabotage performance, and is safe and reliable, which makes it impossible for car thefts.
Two positions: two alarm signs, and two modes that can be switched freely.
The two-alarm signs correspond to alarm and non-alarm modes respectively. Users can set the required mode according to their own usage scenarios, which is convenient and worry-free.

When you touch it, the alarm will sound as high as 110-120db, which is equivalent to a siren. The alarm lasts for a long time, and the sound is loud, so car thieves dare not touch the car wilfully.

Three defenses: anti-sawing, anti-prying and waterproof.

Made of high-strength material, the lock bolt (that is, the metal rod that passes through the hole or neutral position of the disc brake) has a diameter of 10mm. It has a high tolerance and is difficult to break down by violence when faced with external forces such as smashing, prying and sawing.

IP55 waterproof and dustproof grade (two "5s" respectively mean that they can protect dust and water to avoid causing harm to locks), which can be easily handled even in harsh environments.
Project effect: product upgrade is successfully realized.
"The MK619 alarm and non-alarm modes are clearly marked, and they are set to the corresponding modes only by rotating them once. This "as-easy-as-pie" operation mode is simple and convenient, which can prevent users from misoperations in setting alarm and non-alarm modes, and perfectly helps us solve this pain point." — Said the purchasing director of S company.
Since March 2022, S Company and MAKE have launched comprehensive cooperation on the disc brake lock project, which will protect the safety of a large number of motorcycles and electric vehicles worldwide!