Make Patented Cam Locks to Protect the Launderette

Make Patented Cam Locks to Protect the Launderette

As one of the world's large manufacturers of household appliances, a brand serves over one billion domestic consumers worldwide.

Its business covers hundreds of countries and regions.

It provides a complete set of solutions for smart home appliances, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, etc. for the world, bringing the best experience of intelligent life to users.

The Laundry

Nowadays, with the vigorous development of mobile Internet, how does the brand focus on the user experience to meet the needs of users in areas with low penetration rate of mobile payment?

Coin-operated Washing Machines

Behind the world—the self-service laundry is still operated by putting in coins.

In foreign countries, the launderette has a history of several decades, and it can be seen in apartment buildings and streets.

However, with the vigorous development of mobile payment today, coin-operated washing machines and dry cleaning machines are still used in many countries and regions, and traditional monetary payment still occupies a very important position. The brand has never forgotten to meet user experience and demand in these countries and regions.

Coin-operated Washing Machines

The pain point of the operator—the original lock has low security and is easy to cause terminal operators financial losses.

Although the brand enjoys a certain popularity and reputation in the world, its coin-operated washing machine and clothes dryer have met with a refusal in some foreign markets.

Coin-operated Washing Machines

After in-depth investigation of the foreign market of the self-service laundry, the manager in charge of the self-service laundry market development of the brand found that the locks used for the existing coin-operated laundry equipment are not safe enough, which easily causes financial losses to terminal operators and troubles to the operators of the self-service laundry.
Coin-operated Washing Machines

Focusing on customer demand—Make recommends M3 patented lock.

After understanding the needs of the brand and considering the needs of self-service laundry application scenarios, Make recommended the patented lock M3 independently developed by itself as one of the special locks for the brand’s coin-operated washing machine and clothes dryer.
The Patented Lock M3
Safety is the primary standard to measure the quality of locks, and this is no exception for M3. It is a high security lock independently developed by Make. M3 adopts a brand-new key system design, and the key bitting reaches 16 million so that cross unlocking is impossible to occur, fully meeting the safety requirements of coin-operated washing machines.

M3 has a special lock structure. It not only wins the patents of China, America and Germany, but also passes the C-level certification of the Ministry of Public Security. M3 has prying and drilling resistance and can prevent technical opening, effectively ensuring the financial security of terminal operators.

The Patented Lock M3 Used For the Coin-operated Washing Machine

With the help of MAKE M3, the safety of the brand's coin-operated washing machine and clothes dryer has been greatly improved, winning the trust and recognition of operators. The brand business in areas with low penetration rate of mobile payment has grown rapidly, further opening up the foreign market of self-service washing machines.

From 2020, the brand will use M3 locks in large quantities for washing machines and clothes dryers in self-service laundries to ensure the property safety of self-service laundry operators.