4 Digit Combination Locks to Improve the Quality of Lockers

4 Digit Combination Locks to Improve the Quality of Lockers

The 4 Digit Combination Lock

Modern home customization is more and more popular. As a well-known home service provider, a certain brand provides household products such as wardrobes and cabinets to the world. Also, it provides house customization. In the market of lockers used in public places, how does the brand keep up with the times and seize the market demand to provide users with products with higher safety and better experience?

Pain points of lockers in public places

In modern urban life, bathing centers, gymnasiums, swimming pools and other public places are everywhere. And in these places, lockers are indispensable. With the improvement of public safety awareness, users have higher requirements for the safety and experience of lockers.

The Locker

For the market of lockers in public places, after in-depth market research and analysis, the brand found that the locker in public places in the market generally has the following shortcomings:

First, the locks used in most lockers are key locks with poor safety performance. Thus, there are hidden concerns about the safety of customers' property.

Second, due to the key lock used for the locker, users need to carry the key with them, which is inconvenient for the user to use.

Third, this kind of locks is not convenient for businesses to manage the locker uniformly.

Finally, most locker suppliers do not have export experience and lack professionalism, so they can not provide English videos and instructions in detail, which further affects the user experience and the expansion of the international market.

The solution: Safer, more beautiful and professional locks

After rigorous market investigation, analysis and evaluation, the brand decides to develop a high-end locker specifically for public places.

First of all, they decides to substitute high security combination locks for all key locks. Compared with mechanical locks, combination locks have higher safety and good pickproof performance, so as to ensure the safety of users' property and let users have no worries.

Secondly, they hope to find a more beautiful combination lock. At present, most of combination locks in the market are made of plastic. Compared with the positioning of locker products of high-end brands, the positioning of the plastic lock does not match with them in appearance and texture.

Importantly, the brand hopes to find a more professional lock manufacturer, which can provide detailed pre-sales test data and perfect after-sales service guarantee.

Locker Locks

However, the relevant person in charge of the brand has a deep understanding of the lock market and found that the vast majority of manufacturers making combination locks for the locker in the lock industry can not fully meet the brand's above needs.

Make patented product: MK716—all-metal four digit combination lock.

Focusing on customer needs and considering the locker application scenario, Make chooses its patented product MK716 as the special lock for the brand's locker products.

The 4 Digit Combination Lock MK716

MK716 is a four-digit combination lock specially designed for lockers. It is made from high-quality zinc alloy. Its surface is treated by special processes such as powder injection and spray paint. And this lock is fashionable, simple and elegant so that it can instantly improve the appearance and the level of various lockers. At the same time, the zinc alloy is moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant and not easy to wear. And it has a long service life. Thus, MK716 is a high-quality 4-digit combination lock.
The 4 Digit Combination Lock MK716
In addition, MK716 has two special functions, one of which is the resettable function. Don't underestimate this function, for it plays an important role in protecting users' privacy and property. When the door is opened or closed by the lock, the password on the wheel will automatically return to zero, which will not cause the password leak. And there is no need to scramble the password manually.

Another unique function of MK716 is that it is equipped with a master key for emergency unlocking. When the user forgets the password, he can use the master key for emergency unlocking, and can also quickly retrieve the password through key combine searches, greatly improving the management efficiency and user experience.
The Company

After a period of promotion and use, the brand is very satisfied with MK716, whose full metal shell is of good texture and complements the brand's high-end wood lockers. Detailed installation video and video about how to use the lock are easy to understand. Professional and modern production plants can meet customers' demands on schedule.

Since 2020, the brand has begun to use four-digit combination lock MK716 for its lockers in public places to provide users with safer and more convenient storage.