Motorcycle Disc Brake Lock MK619, with Electronic Alarm

Motorcycle Disc Brake Lock MK619, with Electronic Alarm

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We Provide Motorcycle Brake Locks, IP 55 Waterproof Motorcycle Disc Brake Locks with Electronic Alarm, Zinc Alloy, SS, Copper, and Over 10,000 Key Combination.

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Motorcycle disc brake lock MK619

Motorcycle disc lock MK619, with 110-120 decibels electronic alarm system, mainly made of zinc alloy, copper, high material strength, effectively plays the function of dust-proof and waterproof, equipped with a high-security key system, theft prevention, can be used on motorcycles, bicycles is a good choice for going out riding.

Material: Zinc alloy, stainless steel, copper
Finished: Powder coating
Key combination: Over 10,000
Applications: Motorcycle, bicycle, yacht, truck, containers, etc.

1. IP 55. 
2. Alarm/None Alarm mode available. 
3. Alarm volume: 110-120 dB


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